Booomtag! Lost. Scan. Found.

Source: Youtube by Harlem Kitesurfing

Booomtag, What is that?

The Booomtag with 3x o is currently flooding the Dutch kitesurfing groups on Facebook. You can hardly ignore it, but if you missed it, read on, because we also contribute to finding your lost belongings. That is what the tree tag was developed for.

The tag is an NFC sticker that you can stick on your gear and contains a specific web link to your Booomtag account where you can save your data.

NFC technology

The sticker contains NFC technology, something we already know from contactless payment. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is able to set up communication between 2 devices or chips that are close together (max. 10 cm). If your smartphone is equipped with NFC technology and you keep it close to the Booomtag, the data on the tag can be read.

How does the tag work?

First of all, you can order a booomtag via the booomtag website, but there are currently several kitesurf brands that implement the booomtag in their products, so that you no longer have to buy the tag separately. You can register the tag via the website of booomtag. Here you will get your own account in which your product registrations are clearly arranged.

If you have received the stickers, it is really very simple, hold your smartphone against the tag and you will almost immediately receive a notification to register the NFC tag. See below the screens that you have to go through for registration.

Note: the Booomtag does not work on carbon kiteboards! A different type that works is in the making.


Lost, now what?!

Have you provided all your gear with stickers with NFC technology? Then you are doing well, because if you lose something, the finder can scan your product and contact you. This contact runs, just as with, for example, Marktplaats communication via a privacy gateway. As a result, your telephone number and e-mail address are not just visible to everyone, but can be used. Via the tree tag website you can indicate that you have lost something. If it is found, it is a matter of scanning and returning it.

Booomtag verloren

Booomtag or Be Traceable sticker?

What is more convenient an NFC tag on your board or a Be Traceable sticker from The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM)? If you want your board or kite back, it is smart to put your phone number on your gear, how you do that doesn’t matter that much. One person prefers a sticker with your telephone number on it, the other thinks the NFC sticker is a great solution because of the privacy and durability. It’s about the goal: “Get back your lost stuff and avoid unnecessary searches”! Both comply with this.

Do you want a Booomtag?

At the moment, the stickers are provided free of charge by various Dutch kite shops. So check your local kite shop and ask for the tree tag. A number of kite surfing brands also give away a tree tag when purchasing a board or kite.
There are also Boomtags in the making that you can sew on your kite cloth and tags that you can hang on your bag, trapeze or harness as a label. In short, it is all boooming!

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